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11th September 2013: The world's gone mad and I'm the only one who knows
13th August 2013: Black is white. Fact. End of.
11th August 2013: Electric cars, not as green as they're painted?
18th June 2013: Wrinklies unite, you have nothing to lose but your walking frames!
17th May 2013: Some actual FACTS about climate change (for a change) from actual scientists ...
10th May 2013: An article about that poison gas, carbon dioxide, and other scientific facts (not) ...
10th May 2013: We need to see past the sex and look at the crimes: is justice being served?
8th May 2013: So, who would you trust to treat your haemorrhoids, Theresa May?
8th May 2013: Why should citizens in the 21st Century fear the law so much?
30th April 2013: What the GOS says today, the rest of the world realises tomorrow ...
30th April 2013: You couldn't make it up, could you? Luckily you don't need to ...
29th April 2013: a vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE, because THE ABOVE are crap ...
28th April 2013: what goes around, comes around?
19th April 2013: everyone's a victim these days ...
10th April 2013: Thatcher is dead; long live Thatcher!
8th April 2013: Poor people are such a nuisance. Just give them loads of money and they'll go away ...
26th March 2013: Censorship is alive and well and coming for you ...
25th March 2013: Just do your job properly, is that too much to ask?
25th March 2013: So, what do you think caused your heterosexuality?
20th March 2013: Feminists - puritans, hypocrites or just plain stupid?
18th March 2013: How Nazi Germany paved the way for modern governance?
13th March 2013: Time we all grew up and lived in the real world ...
12th March 2013: Hindenburg crash mystery solved? - don't you believe it!
6th March 2013: Is this the real GOS?
5th March 2013: All that's wrong with taxes
25th February 2013: The self-seeking MP who is trying to bring Britain down ...
24th February 2013: Why can't newspapers just tell the truth?
22nd February 2013: Trial by jury - a radical proposal
13th February 2013: A little verse for two very old people ...
6th February 2013: It's not us after all, it's worms
6th February 2013: Now here's a powerful argument FOR gay marriage ...
4th February 2013: There's no such thing as equality because we're not all the same ...
28th January 2013: Global Warming isn't over - IT'S HIDING!
25th January 2013: Global Warmers: mad, bad and dangerous to know ...
25th January 2013: Bullying ego-trippers, not animal lovers ...
19th January 2013: We STILL haven't got our heads straight about gays ...
16th January 2013: Bullying ego-trippers, not animal lovers ...
11th January 2013: What it's like being English ...
7th January 2013: Bleat, bleat, if it saves the life of just one child ...
7th January 2013: How best to put it? 'Up yours, Argentina'?
7th January 2013: Chucking even more of other people's money around ...
6th January 2013: Chucking other people's money around ...
30th December 2012: The BBC is just crap, basically ...
30th December 2012: We mourn the passing of a genuine Grumpy Old Sod ...
30th December 2012: How an official body sets out to ruin Christmas ...
16th December 2012: Why should we pardon Alan Turing when he did nothing wrong?
15th December 2012: When will social workers face up to their REAL responsibility?
15th December 2012: Unfair trading by a firm in Bognor Regis ...
14th December 2012: Now the company that sells your data is pretending to act as watchdog ...
7th December 2012: There's a war between cars and bikes, apparently, and  most of us never noticed!
26th November 2012: The bottom line - social workers are just plain stupid ...
20th November 2012: So, David Eyke was right all along, then?
15th November 2012: MPs don't mind dishing it out, but when it's them in the firing line ...
14th November 2012: The BBC has a policy, it seems, about which truths it wants to tell ...
12th November 2012: Big Brother, coming to a school near you ...
9th November 2012: Yet another celebrity who thinks, like Jimmy Saville, that he can behave just as he likes because he's famous ...
5th November 2012: Whose roads are they, anyway? After all, we paid for them ...
7th May 2012: How politicians could end droughts at a stroke if they chose ...
6th May 2012: The BBC, still determined to keep us in a fog of ignorance ...
2nd May 2012: A sense of proportion lacking?
24th April 2012: Told you so, told you so, told you so ...
15th April 2012: Aah, sweet ickle polar bears in danger, aah ...
15th April 2012: An open letter to Anglian Water ...
30th March 2012: Now they want to cure us if we don't believe their lies ...
28th February 2012: Just how useful is a degree? Not very.
27th February 2012: ... so many ways to die ...
15th February 2012: DO go to Jamaica because you definitely WON'T get murdered with a machete. Ms Fox says so ...
31st January 2012: We don't make anything any more
27th January 2012: There's always a word for it, they say, and if there isn't we'll invent one
26th January 2012: Literary criticism on GOS? How posh!
12th December 2011: Plain speaking by a scientist about the global warming fraud
9th December 2011: Who trusts scientists? Apart from the BBC, of course?
7th December 2011: All in all, not a good week for British justice ...
9th November 2011: Well what d'you know, the law really IS a bit of an ass ...


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The prestigious title "Wanker of the Week" is awarded at irregular intervals (so not weekly at all, then) to politicians, officials and members of the public who have in our opinion distinguished themselves by being subservient to political correctness, by hiding behind their job descriptions, by being dishonest or selfish or just plain stupid. They are listed in chronological order beginning with our very first award back in 2004.

A spokesman for Suffolk Police
Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP
Stephen Newton, Lib-Dem parliamentary candidate
Charles Clarke MP, then Home Secretary
Alistair Darling MP, then Transport Secretary
Michael Williamson, Chairman of Cambridgeshire Police Authority
An anonymnous magistrate
Calderdale Royal Hospital, Halifax
Julie Thomson of Hull City Council Corporate Equalities Unit
Chris Fehlinger
John Smith, President of the Royal College of Surgeons
PC Zahid Malik of Nottinghamshire Police
George Galloway MP
Norman Baker, Lib-Dem spokesman for the environment
Dorset Police
The Hereward pub in Ely
Some people who complained to BBC Radio 4
Andrea Scott of Barnstaple Age Concern
"TL", a correspondent in the Sunday Times "Homes" letter section
Ali Macdonald of Devon Fire and Rescue, and Dr.Tamara Griffiths of the British Skin Foundation
Television watchdog Ofcom
John Lambert, head of Rawmarsh Community School, Rotherham
David Onamade, Director of Somerset Racial Equality Council
Trading Standards officers at Powys County Council
ITV and presenters Sir Trevor McDonald, Zoe Ball and Anneke Rice. As well as being named "Wankers of the Week", the three presenters were also awarded the title "Porkie of the Week" with ribbon and bar
Tom Black of Dundee
David Viner, Professor of Climatology at the University of East Anglia
Jon Collins, Leader of Nottingham City Council, and Chief Superintendent Marcus Beale of Nottinghamshire Police
Al Gore
Councillor Alan Burkitt of Sandwell Council
Chief Fire Officer Stephen Hunter of Tayside Fire and Rescue Service
Lambeth Borough Council
GM crop protesters
The town of Sidmouth, Devon
Stafford Borough Council
Paris Hilton
Hammersmith & Fulham Council
The Arts Council, Nottinghamshire Constabulary and Notts County Council
The National Trust
An officer of South Wales Police
Health officials and academics from Scotland
Morrisons Supermarket
Dawn Primarolo M.P., Minister for Public Health
Sandhurst Primary School, Lewisham
André Farrar of the RSPB
Certain residents of Leatherhead
Marcus Brigstocke, Vikram Seth and a load of other people you've never heard of
The Department for Health, and managers of the South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust
Daily Mail reader "Anon" of Teesside
Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP - again
Author and philosopher John Gray
Margaret Devonshire of Pickering, Yorkshire
The charity Alcohol Concern, and a delighful but rather foolish gentleman called Mark Boyle
Lord Goldsmith
The National Union of Teachers
American blogger Debbie Schlussel
Gordon McBroon, Harriet Harman and the rest of that sorry bunch of tossers at Westminster
An anonymous spokeswanker for Friends of the Earth
Frances Done, head of the government's Youth Justice Board
Helen Clark ex-MP (not)
Anne Snelgrove, who is either MP for South Swindon or a small dog, we're not sure which
Broxbourne Borough Council. Or possibly not.
John Coates, President of the Australian Olympic Committee
Ourselves. That's right, the whole damn lot of us
Virgin Train Manager
Liverpool City Council
Gloucester City Council
Christians. Yes, I know that includes a lot of people. Its what you call "a broad church"
A strange and secretive man called Gregory Carlin
Ed Miliband, Secretary of State for Wind Turbines and other tall, useless articles
Derek Hardy, Policy Manager for Housing & Community Safety at North Dorset District Council
The Department of Health. What would we do without them?
Mid-Devon District Council and local authorities everywhere
Naomi Byron of "Youth Against Racism", Councillors Peter McDonald and Richard Deeming, and various inhabitants of the village of Cofton Hackett in Worcestershire
The Law - no longer just an Ass, now a full-fledged Wanker with bells and whistles
Journalist and closet cannibal Tom Sykes
An anonymous spokesman for the Department for Children, Schools and Families
The Citizens' Electoral Council of Australia
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. Now there's a turn-up for the books
Mr.Tim Nicholson and Justice Michael Burton
American journalists Rachel Morris and Julia Whitty
Journalist Paul Sims, the Daily Mail and quite a lot of the people who read it
Sarah Whittle (a.k.a."Sarah the Carer") of Peterborough
Polly Higgins, a lawyer and environmentalist
Ellis Drummond, a yob from Rushden
The tabloid press, in particular the Daily Mail
Doctors Christian Akubuine, Bakhtawar Shah Khattak and Vivake Roddah and their bosses at Milton Keynes General Hospital
Sunday Times columnist Matt Rudd
A vicious little toad called R.T.Jones
Politician and dangerous loony Harriet Harman. Again.
Politician and Eastenders actress Sayeeda Warsi
Most radio and television presenters under the age of about thirty-five
Radio 5 Live presenter Victoria Derbyshire and her black-and-white brain
It had to happen eventually. Finally, David Bloody Cameron
A local councillor from Walthamstow called Clyde Loakes
Various Church of England dignitaries, including the Arch-Wanker, Catweazle himself
An anonymous Lycra lout cyclist who's a damn sight too full of himself
Councillor David Bagshaw and his colleagues on Eastwood Town Council, Nottinghamshire
Upper class twit Lord Bichard and a magistrate named Tony Kaye
Trafford Housing Trust and two of its employees
Author Guy Walters - oh, and the Guardian newspaper, but that goes without saying, doesn't it?
Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent of the Guardian newspaper
An unscrupulous catalogue firm from Farnborough called Afibel
Green party MEP Jean Lambert



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