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Some time ago we posted a page which we called "Extra Wanker". It was about the outrage caused by one of the main teaching unions, NAS/UWT, when they suggested that the law concerning sexual liaisons between teachers and pupils was not entirely coherent. To listen to some commentators you'd have thought they were advocating gang-bangs round the tuckshop at playtime - in fact it was very sad indeed to realise how little people are able to understand and rationalise the English language.
The "Extra Wanker" in question was one Gregory Carlin, described as a campaigner against child abuse and the head of the "Irish Coalition Against Trafficking", who had been the most outspoken critic of the NAS/UWT. We wrote " Carlin finished off his Wankery by attacking Chris Keates personally, accusing her of trying to "legalise sex crimes." And he didn't stop there, adding "Thousands of teachers are referred to List 99 each year ..." (that's the secret government list of people not allowed to work with children) "... most of them from the NASUWT". The NAS/UWT's lawsuit against Carlin for libel and gross defamation will follow in due course - we hope. It is not true that thousands of NAS/UWT members are put on List 99 each year. There are only 8,036 names on the List, and a large proportion of those weren't teachers at all".
Well, Mr.Carlin has obviously been Googling his own name. He found our article, and has written to us. Here is the entire text of his email

Dear GOS
It was very kind of you to discuss that topic.
I was at the meeting when a state dept expert (in some desperation) asked Lord Laird to do the PQs. List 99 is the NASUWT on a gap year.
The NASUWT are also campaigning to derogate abuse of trust for a range of 'professions' including foster parents. That thing as described would be legal. I suppose one can't call the NASUWT selfish.
"There are only 8,036 names on the List, and a large proportion of those weren't teachers at all." FBI, is your answer. The Brits dumped a heap of paedophiles onto the list as a reaction to Lord Laird. It was 4045 in Jan 2006. As of 27 February 2007 there were 4,921 individuals on List 99 and as of 13 March 2008, the 8,036 figure.
The Brits wanted to prevent an analysis of the rate of 'inclusion' relative to 'referral'. Referred to List 99 but not included, is apparently the most prolific category of sex offending in Britain.
The CEOP/SOCA agency, previously NCIS/NCS They won't help justice/state and the Kim Philby rule because the cousins is what it is. FBI can't go on TV and tell parents in Humberside it is time to withdraw their kids from primary schools (and it may be, that is precisely where we are).
I co-owned Gary Glitter's record company and he was used in tandem with Renate Williams as a 'false allegation' template in 1999. I'm a veteran NASUWT watcher for various reasons, if only for my own sins.
Brit teachers victimize more US kids than the teachers of Maine and Rhode Island, it is a figure of a few hundred per annum. One has to try to nail down what can be nailed down.
People like Graham Conridge.
"Extra Wanker of the Week": It has been a while since L'Osservatore Romano has accused me of auto-eroticism.
I can assure you that the allegations related to a malfunctioning zip I was benchtesting for Soviet military aviation, the product was eventually code-named 'buttons' and failed to go into mass production because of the collapse etc.
All the best

At the bottom he appends
Child Protection: Schools
Lord Laird asked Her Majesty's Government:
How many cases were referred to the List 99 Teachers Misconduct Team in England and Wales in 2003, 2004 and 2005; and [HL2654]
How many letters of written warning were issued in England and Wales to teachers for inappropriate sexual behaviour towards pupils in 2003, 2004 and 2005. [HL2655]
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Education and Skills (Lord Adonis): The number of cases in England and Wales referred to and concluded by the department's List 99 team in the relevant years is set out in the table below: Cases Referred Cases Concluded
2003 1,147 1,047
2004 1,362 1,370
2005 2,092 2,554
The department may issue written warnings to school staff in connection with a range of misconduct-for example, impropriety and theft- and inappropriate sexual behaviour towards children. The number of written warnings issued to staff in schools by the List 99 Teachers Misconduct Team in each of the relevant years was as follows:
2003: 79
2004: 198
2005: 81
Due to the way in which information is currently recorded, it is not possible to indicate the number of these cases where staff in schools were issued with written warnings for inappropriate sexual behaviour. The department does not maintain records of written warnings issued to staff by employers as a result of local disciplinary proceedings, as this is a matter for the employer concerned.


Well, that's set us straight, and no mistake! All right, we're broadminded and not the least vindictive. We're quite happy to announce that Gregory's not a Wanker.
But he is seriously incoherent. Just what the hell is he talking about?
In our efforts to discover some meaning in this gibberish, we Googled Gregory, and here are a few pronouncements which he has made on various websites and forums
"You Brits will spend half a billion bucks not offending the NASUWT and that is why the NASUWT is trying to legalize foster parents sleeping with foster children. It will take thirty years to clean up your teaching profession.
Posted by Gregory Carlin on November 16, 2008 7:25 AM"
"The NASUWT claims are entirely fraudulent. The UK has the highest level of sexual offending by teachers in the developed world."
"I came to goodness after a long career, my entire life as it would seem, in showbiz. One day I woke up and ventured forth on the enlightened path of philanthropy."
"what we want is for Britain to pull all its male teachers out of primary schools as a priority and to abandon enhanced male recruitment programs. The best way to make your schools safer is to reduce the number of male teachers.
The UK has major problems with its teachers. They are notorious for sex offending.
Posted by Gregory Carlin | 18.10.08, 13:38 GMT"

We'll just slip in a little fact here: Figures show that around 6,000 teachers have been accused of abusing children in the past 15 years. The NASUWT said that of the 2,210 allegations it had investigated during this time only 88 had resulted in a conviction.
Anyway, to continue with the wisdom of Chairman Carlin
"There are thousands on LIST 99, which is no better than a paedophile list, and the perverting the course of justice tag is less than one false allegation per thousand List 99 referrals. Chris Keates has a problem with criminalization, her false allegation campaign is in complete tatters. Where are the real false allegations, they can't be found, they are on List 99. Ms Keates is asking for a free pass because she needs decriminalization. The NASUWT want to go back to the days of Paul Reeve. The secret planting of people in schools.
Posted by Gregory Carlin | 06.10.08, 17:28 GMT"

(Our underlining. Chris Keates is an officer of the NAS/UWT)
"If CEOP" (that's the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, a government agency responsible for combating and detecting child abuse) "had targeted teachers or LIST 99 they would have realized that many of the people they were after were already known sex offenders. One teacher on the Cox network had been banned from every school in Bedfordshire and the govt. allowed him to teach in Herfordshire, he then victimized 261 schoolgirls, which whilst a high number, is not that unusual" (this refers to Graham Conridge. He was banned from teaching five years before his conviction, then got a supply teaching job in Hertfordshire before being arrested for the internet grooming of a large number of girls, although there was no suggestion that he ever met any of them. He still has a page on MySpace at Newspaper story here). "The biggest complaint about CEOP is that they leave the work to the FBI & RCMP, they've not arrested a single pedophiles and have no idea as to the whereabout of the arrestees they refer to in the press conference this newspaper is reporting on. I honestly don't think Jim Gamble" (CEO of CEOP) "has arrested a pedophile, detected one, or testified in court in relation the trial of a pedophile. I think CEOP are a steam release valve for the FBI/RCMP" (yes, that makes sense. An arm of the British government is a "release valve" for the FBI and the Mounties) "I also believe that the precursor of the CEOP/SOCA agency, NCIS would have been warned about Haute de Garenne, and because there was no FBI chasing them up, the victims being British, it went nowhere. I think CEOP is the same. We have a anti-pedophile agency which doesn't catch pedophiles, it relies on the FBI/RCMP, Interpol, it is a typical product of the Home Office, it is more press release than reality. CEOP are not allowed to do teachers, being the in-joke in Washington. We have to ask why that is and if it is the reason that huge networks can be run from Britain until a cop in Edmonton raises the Alarm.
Gregory Carlin"

(In fact CEOP with other agencies smashed a paedophile ring and identified 200 British men including, sadly, some teachers and especially Graham Conridge who is now, so far as we know, in prison - see this June 2007 report)
Finally, to an online discussion about Broadstone School in Dorset which had banned its girl pupils from wearing skirts, he wrote
"To advocate a case for gender specific programming is to be thought highly dangerous. I may have to spend a fortune and invest much effort to resolve the Broadstone School drama.
I am persona non grata to the authorities in England because I have decided to fight this eccentric fatwa and to help some little girls wear skirts to school. I can't believe it has come to this."

See what I mean? Either a Wanker of Extra dimensions, or a rather sad person with serious issues concerning logic, truth and proportion. You decide which. I can't be arsed.

The GOS says: Another school that has banned its girls from wearing skirts is quite near me. It's called Kesgrave High School, and when I still worked (ah, happy days!) I sometimes drove past it. Trust me, they weren't "little girls", and the skirts were seriously short. A lot of them rode bikes, too. I thought the Head was being very sensible, if only because it protected his male staff from distraction. We're all human, after all. Even teachers.

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