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31st January 2012: We don't make anything any more
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26th January 2012: Literary criticism on GOS? How posh!
12th December 2011: Plain speaking by a scientist about the global warming fraud
9th December 2011: Who trusts scientists? Apart from the BBC, of course?
7th December 2011: All in all, not a good week for British justice ...
9th November 2011: Well what d'you know, the law really IS a bit of an ass ...


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Rather an odd thing to do, reviewing a book one hasn't read yet, but this one is only available in Kindle format and the Grumpy Old Technology hasn't progressed that far ...
“The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World's Top Climate Expert” is by an American journalist called Donna Laframbroise. Despite the ridiculous name, the book appears to be a serious examination of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the UN's scientific forum that has driven the great Global Warming hoax, influenced governments and shaped whole economies to enhance the rôle of environmental campaigners and businessmen looking to make a fast buck from so-called “carbon trading”.
Laframboise does not get involved in the pros and cons of Global Warming itself. She makes no claim to be a scientist. What she concerns herself with are the machinations of the IPCC itself – who they are, how they got there, what they have to gain, and how they go about their business. This is legitimate stuff for a journalist, and very important for the world at large.
As we haven't read the book ourselves, we'll content ourselves with quoting in full some reviews written by people who have. There are, at the time of writing, 29 reviews on the Amazon website. 26 of them give this book either four or five stars. Pretty impressive ...

The best book yet on the politics of climate science
Foxgoose (Somerset, UK)

Donna Laframboise carefully traces the origins, structure and working practices of the world's leading climate bureaucracy with devastating results. We find that, far from being a disciplined and impartial judge of climate science - it is a partisan organisation which has been hijacked by green activists and political extremists from its very beginnings.
Many of its "leading scientists" turn out to be activist grad students with Greenpeace of WWF affiliations and no previously published scientific work. Its rules, procedures and time limits are regularly flouted to include more alarmist material and a high proportion of the included "science" comes not, as claimed, from peer-reviewed scientific papers - but from environmental activist's PR material.
A clearly written and revealing book - which might turn out to be a turning point in climate politics - read it!

Shocking Revelations! Read this!
Prometheus "Dr John" (South, England)

We were told that the IPCC was the embodiment of true climate science. However Donna Laframboise has found out it is a monolith of corruption. Not only has the science been seriously compromised, but the influence of advocacy groups like Greenpeace in my view, border on sinister. The book is well written and although easy to read, has significant detail resulting from a lot of good research. It is comprised of short sections which make it great for busy people with only a limited time to read.
Whether you believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming or not, the validity of the science is extremely important to the current policies being pursued by many governments. These policies will affect all of us in a very profound way, therefore the corruption of the IPCC should be of interest to everyone. My advice is to read this book and make your own mind up, before these policies seriously affect your lives. Let's make sure we do not follow the Australian example and fatally destroy our economy without checking the facts properly.

Ben M

This book is outstanding.
But readers should be clear from the outset - this isn't about 'the science'. This book is about the process behind how 'the science' became settled.
And what this book reveals is that the process is awful. It's worse than awful - it's a travesty. It is more opaque than voting for the next Pope. And those few processes we do get top see are so riddled with conflict, that everything the IPCC has done is cast in doubt.
This book changes nothing in respect of the climate, the facts or the theories. But it changes everything about what the IPCC says. The organisation cannot be trusted. It needs to be completely reformed or disbanded. Further, any government which based its policies on the IPCC's findings should repeal those laws and start again.
Finally those in the media need to take the most blame. If the "delinquent teenager" is the IPCC, then those in the media are the police. For far too long they have turned a blind eye to everything this teenager says and does. The media has failed to challenge the IPCC at any point along the way, which has only encouraged this teenager to commit more and more crime. Had those in the media asked probing questions from day one, we would never be where are now.

superb exposition of IPCC shenanigans

The material content of this book, The Delinquent Teenager, is absolutely devastating, with every point made clearly illustrated and specifically documented. It securely damns the ethos and motives of the IPCC, and exposes its biases such that there can be no doubt that its projected policies and pronouncements can just be regarded as largely the work of cranks and zealots.
Whatever the scientific worth of the scientific input into the IPCC its output shows its worth as heavily tainted and degraded by the IPCC malpractices that Donna's meticulous research shows, malpractices that permeate the whole IPCC edifice from top to bottom. This is real and responsible investigative journalism at its best, and that Donna is not a scientist is not a drawback, as the iniquities she exposes are in the publically recorded words of the IPCC participants, and words are Donna's forte.
A staggeringly good read!

You don't need to be a scientist to read this book!
Viv Evans

This book shows in exemplary fashion that debating the science of global warming is futile, because science is the cloak for politics of a certain colour. In fact - it is politics all the way down. Some of us have maintained this for some time now, and have warned that the debate about the global warming science - bad as this 'science' is - is missing the point in a big way.
Donna's outstanding book shows what other journalists should have been doing: asking questions and digging deep when doubtful information is handed out. One might indeed ask - why didn't they?
Her exposé of the politics behind the IPCC and the 'AGW', then 'CAGW', then 'Climate Change' issues show how science became contaminated through political activism, how scientists raising issues were silenced, and how and especially why this intergovernmental, bureaucratic monster that is the IPCC came into being and came to have the apparent clout it has.
Donna gives chapter and verse, all exceedingly well documented. One doesn't have to be a scientist to understand what has been going on, and how and why so many made such huge efforts to pull the wool over our eyes.
Once you've read Donna's brilliant piece of investigative journalism, you'll be able to ask your politicians questions which they can no longer answer with 'the science is settled'.

IPCC is controlled by political and environmentalist forces and nothing to do with the real science

Donna shows very clearly that the advice to the governments around the globe and coming from IPCC is driven by politics and various environmental NGOs and nothing to do with the real science. I was part of the Donna's led exercise, where the scientists around the world used some of their free time and went through thousands of literature references quoted by IPCC to be 100% peer reviewed papers. That was clearly stated by the IPCC's president over and over at every interview that he gave. And yet, it was a total lie. Over 5000 references cited as `scientific' came from non-scientific brochures, pamphlets and internal reports. People should take Donna's book very seriously indeed.

This book should be read by every UK voter
RW TYRWHITT-DRAKE "Richard Drake" (London, UK)

This is one of the most important books by a journalist in our own or any other age. But it should never have needed to be written. As Donna Laframboise makes clear, the failure of the big names of world media to subject the United Nations IPCC, widely touted as the intellectual foundation of the global warming scare and vastly expensive emission reduction policies enacted in its wake, to any kind of critical investigation is a major scandal. In their stead, a lone Canadian feminist, who once wrote a weekly opinion column for the Toronto Star, has, with the help of volunteer researchers recruited from across the globe via the Internet, achieved a tour de force.
I fully agree with David Holland that every MP should read this book. But so should every UK voter. Ms Laframboise writes with admirable clarity, humour and, where appropriate, passion - about the grave injustices and threats to our democratic freedoms she has uncovered. Something of world importance that many of us have found fiendishly complicated to explain to our friends and colleagues has been rendered not only intelligible but highly readable. If enough of our fellow-citizens take in the findings of this book then it's certain our elected representatives will do so, leading to the most radical re-think of climate policy imaginable.
I cannot thank the author enough, for applying not just her writing skills but the wisdom and compassion accumulated over many years to this complex, multi-faceted challenge. It will surely be judged the project for which she was born.


We've long suspected – because some scientists have blown the gaffe – that the IPCC is a massive and well-orchestrated fraud perpetrated by bureaucrats, environmental pressure groups and crooked politicians with an eye to the main chance, like Al Gore. We've even seen it suggested that there are more sinister forces at work, a conspiracy that aims to transfer power from national governments to the UN as a first step towards genuine world rule.
It's great to hear that someone with the time and will to do the job properly, has finally produced a book that exposes the whole rotten sham. If only she had a name that inspired a little more confidence than Laframboise (literally “the raspberry”) and had given the book a less absurd title.
Anyway, absurd title or not, the book sounds well worth investigating. We all know that the Amazon reviewing process is wide open to abuse. These positive reviews could well have been written by the same person with several email addresses. But what the hell, it's still worth a look, and the GOS intends to do so as soon as he's worked out what the “Amazon Whispernet” is. It's not as if it costs a lot of money – less than a fiver, in fact.
Buy it here.


Correction: The book IS now available in paperback form, from the American CreateSpace website - click here. Our thanks to the reader who pointed this out.

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